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Name: Stellara Nagareboshi
Village: Konohagakure (Leaf)
Clan: One of the oldest clans in Konoha, though the clans' power has been long since forgotten.  When I was 4 years old, a man named Satoru  murdered my clan with a jutsu that cost him his life. He felt that the Nagareboshi (Shooting Star) clan was getting too powerful. I was spared because the jutsu ended before he found me. He was from the Hidden Sound Village, and was considered Orochimaru's prodigy.
Clan History: Long ago, the very first of my ancestors, Lady Hotoru,  wished upon the first star to shoot across the night sky. The Shooting Star clan has the power to- Shapeshift, control anyone's actions, manipulate weather, and control the elements.
Those who knew nothing of the massacre made up stories to explain it. A rumor was spread that the reason I was spared was because my chakra was even more ominous than that of Satoru.
Main Story: The village gates closed for the last time that day as Team Kakashi returned from the Land of Wind. They had just returned from escorting Gaara back to Sunagakure. Naruto and Sakura were starving from their mission, so I offered them to a treat of ramen. I ate with them, discussing my mission assigned for tomorrow morning. I had been a Jonin for the past five years, which was normal for the members of my clan.  "What's so important about your mission that you've gotta do it all alone?" Naruto asked in between slurps of ramen, "Seems like Grandma's piling a lot of tough ones on ya, huh Stella?" I explained that some Akatsuki had been seen around the forest, and that I had to go and possibly capture them. "How many are there?" asked Sakura. "I think 1 or 2. They travel in pairs to avoid unnecessary attention," I said.  Lady Tsunade would never allow one of her higher-ranking shinobi to go on a mission like this solo if she thought I couldn't handle it. She had ordered me not to tell anyone my real plan, lest the Akatsuki had a spy already inside the village. My real objective was to infiltrate their hideout any way I could and report back to her as soon as I learned information about their goal. "Hello? Earth to Stella! Hey, I'm trying to talk to you!" I suddenly heard Naruto's voice. Looking up, I said, "Oh, sorry Naru. I was just thinking about my mission for tomorrow. Listen, I might not be back for a while, so don't worry about me too much, kay?" "Got it! I was just wondering…could I have another bowl of ramen? Please?" he asked in a begging voice. "Sure, go ahead," I chuckled, " How much is that gonna be, old man?"  Teuchi mentally calculated it and said, "That'll be 1,320 yen, please." "Wow, Naru. I see you held back a bit today; usually the bill comes up to at least 2,000 yen," I said, handing the chef the money. I waved  goodbye to Naruto and Sakura, then set off towards Kiba's house. I told him that I'd come and train with him and Akamaru before I left. The sun was setting rapidly, so I had maybe half an hour to play. Kiba's sister, Hana,  answered the door, and I asked if Kiba was home. She said yes, then called Kiba outside, along with an energetic Akamaru. Once we were at his clan's training grounds, I said, "Sorry this is gonna be cut short, but I've got an S-Rank mission tomorrow. We'll focus on Akamaru's socialization skills so he gets used to working with other animals." I purposely chose to shape shift into a wolf since all dogs instinctively fear them.  "When are we ever going to run into an ally with wolves?" Kiba asked, noting how anxious Akamaru had suddenly gotten.  I rolled my wolf eyes at him and said, "There are a lot of people who have wolves as Summons, me being one of them. But it's not just allies that'll have them. Enemies will too. Both of you need to be prepared for anything that comes your way." I turned my now golden eyes to the ninja hound, who cringed and let out a low, apologetic whine. Laying my ears back flat against my head, I played the part of omega and wagged the tip of my tail in submission. Immediately, Akamaru perked up and lifted his tail, lowering himself into a play bow. He then jumped up and nipped at one of my ears as an invitation to play. "Alright; you did it, Akamaru!" Kiba cheered, tackling his dog. We all romped through the Inuzuka training ground for a bit, then headed back. The sun was a red half disk in the west, meaning it was time for me to go. "Thanks again, Stella. Now Akamaru won't be as skittish around Summoning animals. Good luck on your mission tomorrow!" Kiba waved as I headed downtown. I turned and waved back, not knowing this would be the last time I saw either of them for a long time…
~      ~       ~      ~      ~      ~      ~    ~     ~    ~     ~   ~   ~    ~    ~
Once I got back to my house, I was greeted by a white Abyssinian with light beige on his face and tail sitting on his haunches in front of two large white gates. "Hi, Wabishka(White One)," I said, scratching the blue-eyed cat behind his bat-like ears. "Meoooooooww!!" he complained, looking up at me expectantly. "I know, I know, you're hungry," I rolled my eyes at his dramatic behavior. After coating my hand in a layer of chakra, I pushed the gates open and walked through an orchard of sorts. There were multiple fruit trees scattered throughout the property, which were still in bloom even though it was the middle of the summer. I hurried inside, opened the door to the Nagareboshi Summoning Room for Wabishka to go hunting, then began packing. Kunai, check. Shuriken, check. Summoning Scrolls, check. Medical supplies, check. Katana, check. Traveling cloak, check. Paper bombs, check. "Finally, I'm done," I sighed when the last roll of wire was in place. Wabishka trotted over by me and dropped something in my lap. "Huh?" I blinked, then said, "Oh, miigwetch(thank you) Wabishka. I almost forgot this." It was my medicine pouch or treasure bundle. There was a fresh bunch of asayma(tobacco) inside, along with a few dried white sage leaves. Slipping the pack straps over my shoulders, I ruffled the Abyssinian's ears and slid the door shut. Fireflies dotted the pathway now, and the very first of the stars were out. Thankfully, the village gates made only a slight creaking noise as I opened one just enough to slip through. About a mile outside Konoha, I stopped to rest for the night on a patch of clover. I kept nodding off to the constant song of crickets and eventually gave in to sleep to the echolocation of brown bats…
`   `   `   `   `   `  `  `   `    `   `   `   `   `   `   `   `   `   `   `   `  `
I started awake what felt like a few hours later, automatically thinking someone had found me from the village. "Damnit; all I ask for is a few freaking hours of sleep and what do I get?" I muttered angrily, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. "Yeah, it's her alright; she's the only kunoichi outside the village hmm," a voice said above me. I looked up a second too late and was pinned down with the tip of a kunai pressed against my throat. "I suggest you come with us quietly, Miss Nagareboshi hmm," a male voice whispered in my ear. My reaction timing was still slow, so I decided I better wait for a chance to escape. And the best way to do that was to catch them off guard. Time to play the innocent little girl that can't defend herself. ^.^ "Okay, just…please don't hurt me…I just wanted to gather some herbs for my mother to help her get better," I whimpered, making sure to tremble slightly. "Aww, isn't that sweet of you? What do you think, Sasori my man, hmm?" came the masculine voice again. A rougher, more gravelly voice answered, "I think she's a lying little brat. Everyone knows about the annihilation of the Nagareboshi clan twelve years ago. Hurry up and let's bring her back. You know how I hate to be kept waiting, Deidara." "Well, at least she isn't putting up a fight…thank you, Angel face. That makes my job a hell of a lot easier hmm," the one called Deidara said, letting me up so I could follow. Big mistake. Infuriated by his bold statement, I charged into him, jamming my elbow into his back until I drove him to the ground. "How dare you talk to me like that!!" I snarled, "What the hell do you people want anyway?!" "You are being recruited to the Akatsuki organization. If you try to run or cause any more trouble, we'll kill you without hesitation," Sasori stated. "Perfect," I thought, "This is my chance to infiltrate their hideout." "Oh, I would just hate to die by your hands…I guess I have no choice but to submit," I sighed in sarcasm. Dusting himself off, Deidara glared at me and growled, "What the hell was that?! I thought you didn't want to get hurt hmm?" "I don't; but that doesn't mean I won't hurt you," I smirked. He chose not to answer this and instead signaled to something above. A large, white bird landed in the grass beside us. "Alright, kitten. Be a good girl and get on hmm," he said, motioning to the bird. I cursed him under my breath for his choice of words, but did so anyway. "All I have to do is put up with him until we get there…that's it…I can restrain myself from killing him until then…I think," I thought, taking a deep breath. As soon as he warped on, the bird spread its wings and launched itself off the ground. I lost my footing due to the unnatural rounded shape f the bird and yelped in surprise. "Man, you're kind of a clutz, aren't you hmm?" Deidara chuckled, grabbing my hands to pull me back up. I was confused by his light tone. Just a minute ago he was irritated, so what happened?… the strong scent of earthy clay surrounded him, sparking a memory I had forgotten about. Ignoring his question, I asked, "Hey, did you ever go into Konoha?" He nodded, "It was seven years ago, but yes hmm." "I met a boy who loved playing with exploding white butterflies out by a lake on the west side around that time…" I muttered thoughtfully, "Do you remember meeting a little girl with purple streaks in her hair?" He nodded again, "Yeah. I found out she was Ojibway and didn't speak much but Anishinabemowin, so I carved a flute for her in the shape of a loon. I wasn't very good at playing it, but she liked it anyway. Are you saying?…" "That I was that little girl?" I finished for him, "Yep. I didn't recognize you at all. I just remember the smell of clay on you." "You changed a lot.  I didn't recognize your picture when our leader sent us out to get you. Otherwise I would've tried to persuade him not to recruit you hmm," he said, settling beside me. "Why is that?" I asked curiously. "Being in the Akatsuki isn't exactly fun. Especially if you're being forced into it. The leader looks for rogue ninja and powerful shinobi to help the organization's cause. I was taken from Iwagakure only a few days after I got back from Konoha by Itachi Uchiha. They needed someone to replace Orochimaru when he left. When we get there, you should stick close t me. The others aren't fond of newcomers hmm," he answered. I just shrugged, "Okay. By the way, you never told me what your name was." The blonde smiled and replied, "It's Deidara Iwaga. Can I call you Stella or do you prefer something else hmm?" "Just Stella is fine. Nobles and feudal lords call me Lady Stellara or Miss Nagareboshi; it's almost too formal to hear all the time," I said. "I can understand that hmm," he said. I had been curiously inspecting the white hawk-like bird we were on and noticed it was clay, just like his butterflies all those years ago. "How far is it to the hideout?" I asked after a span of awkward silence. "A few hours yet. Sorry if you're getting bored hmm," he replied. "I'm not bored; just tired. I only had a few hours of sleep when you decided to jump on me," I said, "just wake me up when we get there…" I curled up and tried to make myself comfortable, which worked for the most part. The wind raced over the bird and stole the little warmth I retained from my Jonin vest. Shivering, I closed my eyes and tried to ignore it. Suddenly, I felt warm and relaxed. It was almost as if something was blocking out the wind now…Wearily, I opened one of my eyes and noticed a black and red cloak draped over me. "Miigwetch…Deidara…" I mumbled. "You're welcome Stella hmm," he said. I smiled slightly before falling asleep, content to know he had remembered…
Here's the re-write ^^ I for one think that this was a much-needed improvement. If anyone agrees, favorite and comment please. Miigwetch, my readers

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Naruto or any of the other characters. They belong to Masashi Kishimoto. In this chapter, I only own Stella, Sataro, Lady Hotoru, and Wabishka.
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Aww, cute the last part where Deidara covers Stella with the coat ...
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