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A small purple thunderhead discreetly floated over his head, casting a slight shadow. I smiled up at him mischievously and said, "Goodnight, Fish stick." He blinked in confusion and was able to swing his sword one last time. "What the he-" he started to say.
The second he started to speak, I sent multiple flashes of lightening through his body and watched him fall heavily to the cold ground. The shark man was stiff as a floor board and miniscule charges of electricity would periodically jolt through his cloak. He was no where near dead, he was just unable to move. "Why…didn't Samheda absorb your chakra?" he asked, grimacing as lightening coursed through him again. "Because there wasn't any chakra in the lightening itself. My mother passed down a very unique Summoning technique to me before she died. This isn't just chakra-infused lightening; it comes from the Thunder Beings of Manitous Island." My Thunderbird Cry jutsu sent thousands of voltages through a persons' body, temporarily screwing up their nervous system. I looked over at the leader and locked eyes with him. After I had attacked Kakuzu, Hidan, and the walking fish stick, the others had become a bit more wary. He hastily attempted to put up mental barriers to ward off my mind, but I brushed them aside easily. "So far, this test is child's play," I chuckled softly, stamping my foot and pointing to a man in a swirly orange mask.
The leader turned with glazed, unseeing eyes to the masked man and the human puppet Sasori. They paid him no mind and were completely unprepared for an attack. "Leader-sama? What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Sasori exclaimed, pushing himself back up off the ground after the shinobi had pushed him down with some new jutsu. "Please don't hurt Tobi! Tobi's a good boy!" the masked man said, frantically backing up. The leader didn't answer, just continued to attack his subordinates by seemingly controlling set amounts of air pressure and gravity. This is fun, keeping them busy like this! ^.^ *Btw, Konan isn't in any of my stories. I just don't like her at all. T^T*

To be honest, I didn't really want to hurt Deidara, and he was helping me out a lot. Nothing says Thank You like a good ol' punch in the face :D…not XP  I swung my fist at him half-heartedly, missed on purpose, then slipped past his mental barriers and put the sculptor to sleep. (No, I didn't euthanize him. My lil bro asked me that when he read this >.<) I noticed that his mental barriers were much weaker than that of his leader, even the unconscious ones. Itachi attempted to use his Sharingan, whether to copy my jutsu or counter it, I don't know. "Don't even try it Uchiha," I growled, looking straight into his eyes. He thought he had me trapped in his illusion and said, "I wouldn't get so overconfident if I were you. There are already one too many members like that already." The others immediately looked over at Deidara, knowing exactly who the Uchiha was talking about. I went along with Itachi's attack a few minutes, letting him think that he got me. Once I was bored, I said, "You know I'm not trapped in this amateur genjutsu, right?" Itachi froze, unable to accept the fact that I had somehow managed to evade or block his jutsu. While he was off guard, I threw him against the cave wall, then slammed him back into the ground saying calmly, "Oh come on. You guys are better than that aren't you? I was expecting more of a challenge." I looked around carefully and took in a deep breath. Now the leader, Deidara, the shark dude, Sasori, and the masked man were down. So that means I just have to worry about  Kakuzu, the immortal, and the flytrap. "Hey bitch!!" the immortal named Hidan called, "You losing your nerve or what?!" I turned with a sigh to see him pointing his red and silver scythe at me, scowling darkly. "No, but I see you're losing your temper. That's about the stupidest thing you can do while fighting someone," I said, getting ready to dodge the bladed weapon. An anime vein appeared on his temple at this and he hastily swung the weapon at me, saying, "I'LL SHOW YOU WHO'S STUPID!!"I struggled not to laugh at the infuriated Jashinist's attempts and almost couldn't finish weaving my hand signs to counter him. Finally, I said, "Celestial Style: StarFyre Strike." With my right hand gripping the top of his head, I sent hundreds of dark blue beads of light through his chakra network. For a full minute, he stood still, trying to register what had just happened. Then, slowly, his curse mark began to fade from his skin. His scythe clattered to the cave floor loudly, and a long colorful stream of curses flew from his mouth. "What. The. FUCK. Did you just fucking do to me, bitch?!?!" the flustered ninja asked through gritted teeth, trembling in his rage. "I believe she just paralyzed you, Hidan," Zetsu's white side chuckled sarcastically. "It looks like she got Kakuzu as well…even his other hearts…" Zetsu's black side said.
The old miser was lying facedown on the ground, surrounded by four white clay masks and a black mass. His seafoam green eyes were wide open, displaying his shock at being caught off guard.
"I wonder where she went…we'll be next, you know," white Zetsu said, merging back into the ground. "Too bad for her we know all her tricks already," black Zetsu chuckled. Suddenly, the flytrap found himself falling down into a purple and white abyss. He sighed deeply, realizing he'd gotten caught in my genjutsu by accident.  "If you think these little mental games will phase me, you are sadly mistaken," white Zetsu growled, slightly annoyed.
I didn't say anything, but appeared at the bottom of his field of vision holding a lighter I normally used for my incense. Smirking, I ignited a flame and watched it spread in the air toward the space where the cannibal was falling. "The only way to destroy a Wendigo is to melt it's heart of ice and kill the human that resides inside," I smiled eerily at him as the blue-tipped flames burned away his zori… I laughed at the mortified look on the flytrap's face as my genjutsu took full effect. "Well, my work is done," I sighed once I'd caught my breath, looking around at the unconscious members.

~One hour later~

One by one, each of the shinobi came back to their senses. I could tell they were all in a bad mood due to the turn of events. Well, that's what happens when a guy gets his ass handed to him by a girl. ^.^

The leader cleared his throat and said, "Your abilities are indeed impressive, Miss Nagareboshi. Perhaps the very thing, or rather person, we've been looking for. You will make a fine addition to our team." He then handed me a black cloak with red clouds on it, along with a sapphire blue ring with the kanji for 'flower' on it.
"Give me your Leaf headband," he demanded, holding out his hand.
I blinked in confusion, but untied it from around my neck and did so. In a flash of silver and the sound of tearing metal, he made a slash through the Hidden Leaf symbol with a kunai. My eyes widened at this and I bit back an angry retort. "I now welcome you, Lady Stellara, to the Akatsuki," he said, handing it back.
Suddenly, I was struck in the back of my head by what felt like the handle of a weapon. "What the hell?!" I snarled, whirling around to see Hidan stalking off. He didn't even answer or look back to glare at me. "I suggest you just ignore him for the next few days. Hidan isn't the friendliest person," the leader explained, then said, "You are all dismissed for the night."
Deidara beckoned for me to follow him down a corridor, then asked, "Why didn't you fight me as seriously as the others, hmm?" "Do you really think I could bring myself low enough to purposely hurt an old friend? I would regret it for the rest of my life," I said simply.  He chuckled, "You could've fooled me. It doesn't really surprise me though; you can be nice when you want to be. I wonder why, hmm?" Trying to change the subject, I asked, "So is my room this way?" "You don't have a room yet," the artist grinned deviously," I guess you have no choice but to share one with me for now hmm." I stopped abruptly in my tracks and stared after him in shock. "…What?!" I asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Hidan took Orochimaru's old room when he joined, so you'll have to wait for leader-sama to convince Kakuzu to make another one. Why, do you have a problem with the sleeping arrangements hmm?" he asked, trying to look confused. "What do you think? Of coarse I have a problem with it!" I snarled, clenching my fists, "I'm not going to sleep in a guy's room!" "What, you don't trust me? I would never try anything hmm," he said. I looked at him skeptically at first, then said, "Maybe you're not as bad as I thought-" "At least the first night hmm," he smirked, cutting me off purposely. "Then I'd rather sleep outside," I crossed my arms. "And risk angering leader-sama? That's not a good idea. You don't want to get in trouble the first day, do you hmm?" he asked. We were at the end of the tunnel now, where there was a door on the left hand side and a flaming torch on the opposite wall. "T.T ' Seriously, just don't try anything, okay?" I said in a warning tone when he motioned me through the door. "I won't; I was just teasing ya Stel hmm," he rolled his eyes. "You'd better be or you won't wake up tomorrow," I said, glancing around at the interior of the room. It was a decent size with the same torches lining the walls as the hallway. Of coarse, there were no windows but rather a large crevice next to the bed with a makeshift curtain over it. On the far side of the room was a desk cluttered with scrolls, paintbrushes, ink bottles, and clay dust. "You should put your cloak on to see if it fits hmm," he suggested. "Because I'm so small? I get that a lot," I sighed, taking off my Jonin vest anyway. I already saw that the cloak was going to be big on me, especially the sleeves. Once I had fastened the last button, Deidara chuckled, "I think it's a bit too big for ya Stel hmm." "Oh well; I'll talk to leader-sama about it tomorrow. Could you introduce me to the other members?" I asked, taking the opportunity to gather information for my Bingo Book. "If you're not tired yet I guess hmm," the artist shrugged. We stepped back out into the hallway and made our way back to the main cavern.
So, this is chapter 3, which was actually done yesterday. Buuuuut, I was too lazy to upload it last night and today I was putting bug spray on one of my friend's dogs, Marley. If any of my readers have ideas, I'd appreciate them. ^^ As long as it's within reason, I'll try to fit it into my storyline. Just post your idea in the comments below: I really do care what you guys have to say. If you don't want to share your ideas, that's fine too. I have the next 30-some chapters figured out, they just need editing...BADLY.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto Shippuden or the Akatsuki. They belong to the genius known as Masashi Kishimoto. I do own Stellara and the rest of the Nagareboshi clan though. That means no touchies; mine! :I
DevyHero Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
"Please don't hurt Tobi! Tobi's a good boy!" ahahahaha! Tobi's always fun (at least before he became the leader of Akatsuki)
Nice chapter, shame that I have yet to figure out how to continue my third chapter of my fanfiction ...
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